About our company

Rakan Investment Group is one of the leading companies specializing in real estate investment and development in a modern and professional manner based on scientific and practical foundations so as to achieve the largest profit rate for investors.

The company also provides medical services in the field of hair transplantation, dental implants and cosmetic surgeries.

The company also provides import and export service to and from Turkey.

Our offices are located in Istanbul, California and Pakistan.

Rakan Investment Group enjoys credibility and outstanding service that accompanies the investor throughout his investment journey to reach the investment return he aspires to. Through its long-standing career and its specialized cadres who have extensive experience in this field, the company has professionalized real estate marketing in a way through which it provides clients and investors with services commensurate with all phases of the real estate project throughout the investment period. In addition to resolving issues related to the marketing, sales and rental process.

From the company’s awareness of the importance of the real estate marketing process as a key factor for the success of any real estate project, Rakan Investment Group has allocated multidisciplinary teams in the areas of legal, marketing and administrative consultancy. In addition to the integrated modern concept adopted by Rakan Investment Group, which provides all the requirements of modern life that investors and clients aspire to during their profitable journey.

Rakan Investment Group owns many huge real estate projects in different regions of Turkey with unique specifications that suit the investment needs of clients and guarantee the financial return that each investor aspires to.

Company Features

Rakan Investment Group offers its clients an integrated package of solutions and distinguished services that achieve the desired benefit for clients at all stages of their projects.

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Real estate investment and development

02 (1)

real estate consultancy

02 (1)

property evaluation

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Legal Services

02 (1)

After-sales services

02 (1) (1)

Interior design and decoration engineering

02 (1) (2)

Turkish citizenship

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Psychological rehabilitation and addiction treatment

05 (1)

Heart disease and surgery

04 (1)

Infertility and IVF


Plastic surgery and liposuction


Hair Transplant


organ transplant


Dental and jaw surgery


Eye surgery and vision correction


Hematology and Oncology


Orthopedics and prosthetics


Import and Export

Rakan Investment Group is seeking

Based on the rapid positive growth witnessed by Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular in the real estate sector, Rakan Investment Group seeks to work in accordance with the policy of partnerships with the largest and most famous construction companies to provide projects in a distinct and modern manner in line with modern urban models.

Rakan Investment Group is proud of its brilliant name in the real estate investment and development market and is characterized by using the latest technology in the field of real estate services in a manner based on studying the needs of investors.


We deal with the best and most famous real estate developers and construction companies to ensure distinctive projects and more distinguished apartments.

We provide free legal advice and advise real estate that is best from the angle of our extensive experience in the field.

Our services are not limited to pre-purchase, but we continue beyond, where most of our services are free.

Our real estate expertise is always in your hands to get you and you to the best.

We are here for you

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