The Turkish real estate market in light of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis

السوق العقاري التركي

It is not a secret to everyone what is happening in prices in a large and unprecedented way in all aspects of life as a result of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis caused by the disruption of large parts of supply chains in various fields, including the real estate sector, but let’s take a look at the […]

Real estate investment guide in Turkey – How to create a successful investment

دليل الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا - كيف تخلق استثماراُ ناجحاً , عقارات تركيا , شراء عقار في اسطنبول , الاستثمار العقاري

The desire of foreigners to buy a property in Turkey has increased recently, and there is no doubt that owning a second home in another country such as Turkey brings with it many benefits in the lifestyle, without mentioning Turkey’s natural beauty and its touristic position in the world and Europe, and as a result, […]

Exemption from real estate tax in Turkey

الإعفاء من الضريبة العقارية في تركيا

  Buying a property in Turkey, or what is known as real estate investment in Turkey, has become a golden opportunity for those who want to live in Turkey or profit from investment, especially with benefits such as real estate value tax reductions and obtaining Turkish citizenship for those who buy a property for an […]

How to choose a real estate broker in Turkey….An integrated guide

كيف تختار الوسيط العقاري في تركيا ….دليل متكامل

Characteristics of a real estate broker in Turkey (How to choose a real estate broker) -The professional evaluation and application of the real estate consultant’s work is to adopt the principle of honesty and trust, and the real estate agent or real estate broker is the person who deals in the purchase, sale and rental […]

Real estate appraisal document in Turkey… its importance and how to request it

وثيقة التقييم العقاري في تركيا….أهميتها وكيفية طلبها

What is the real estate appraisal document in Turkey! The real estate appraisal in Turkey is a detailed report on the status of the property to be sold, in which the market price of the property is presented. The real estate appraisal in Turkey is prepared by certain companies that specialize in valuing real estate […]

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