Nationalities prohibited from buying a property in Turkey

الجنسيات الممنوعة من شراء عقار في تركيا

Turkish laws encourage real estate ownership in Turkey for foreigners, and this is considered a great desire by many investors around the world who want to own real estate in Turkey. The history of real estate in Turkey is considered encouraging for Arabs to own real estate in Turkey, given the large profits for investors; […]

How to choose a real estate broker in Turkey….An integrated guide

كيف تختار الوسيط العقاري في تركيا ….دليل متكامل

Characteristics of a real estate broker in Turkey (How to choose a real estate broker) -The professional evaluation and application of the real estate consultant’s work is to adopt the principle of honesty and trust, and the real estate agent or real estate broker is the person who deals in the purchase, sale and rental […]

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

الحصول على الجنسية التركية عن طريق شراء عقار في تركيا

Within the circumstances experienced by some of Turkey’s neighboring countries, many individuals were forced to leave their country and travel to Turkey as a safe country on the social and economic level alike. Turkey enjoys social security, prosperity and abundance in economic terms, especially in the last two decades. Al-Turki has expanded widely, and real […]

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