Benefits of Turkish citizenship for a foreign investor


What are the conditions that must be met for a person to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreigners?

فوائد الجنسية التركية للمستثمر الأجنبي , الجنسية التركية , شراء عقار في تركيا

1-To reach the age of majority.

2-Residence in Turkey for five years without interruption before submitting the application.

3-Sufficient income to secure a living in Turkey.

4-He took measures that prove that he intends to settle down.

5-Clean security record.

6-Speak Turkish.

7-healthy from diseases.

8-A person who has been married to a Turkish citizen for three years and remains married has the right to apply for naturalization under various conditions, including:

9-Lives with a Turkish partner (exceptions are granted if a Turkish partner dies after submitting the application).

10-Avoids actions that would threaten the marriage.

11-It does not constitute a threat to national security or public order.

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?
  • It is possible that the Turkish passport qualifies you to travel to many countries and countries, whether Arab or foreign, without the need to apply for a tired visa and visa, and most of these countries allow Turkish citizenship holders to stay up to 3 months without any visa requirements and some countries grant Turkish citizens visas upon arrival in the country Turkish

    It also gives you the right to vote in elections and opens up great business and investment doors for you

    Turkish citizenship by investment

    We have three ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey

    1. Bank deposit in Turkish banks

    This is done by depositing 500 thousand US dollars “at least” in a Turkish bank for at least three years

    1. Buying a property in Turkey – real estate investment

فوائد الجنسية التركية للمستثمر الأجنبي , الجنسية التركية , شراء عقار في تركيا

By purchasing a property worth more than 250 thousand US dollars only, provided that the property is not sold for 3 consecutive years in Turkey.

  1. Industrial or commercial investment in Turkey

Turkish citizenship can also be obtained by industrial or commercial investment with a capital of no less than 500 thousand US dollars, and this is the most common and beneficial method for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Investors did not seek Turkish citizenship alone

The answer is that Turkish citizenship is the key to reaching all countries of the world because of the importance of the Turkish state.

Turkish citizenship allows retaining the mother’s citizenship.

The holder enjoys all existing governmental rights.

Successful investment environment at all levels.

Turkish citizenship is the dream of many for investment, so is it for you?

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship if I buy a property in installments?

فوائد الجنسية التركية للمستثمر الأجنبي , الجنسية التركية , شراء عقار في تركيا









You can if:

 -You have a documented obligation to purchase property.

 -You paid the instalments through the bank.

-The price of the property is 250,000 US dollars.


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