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Both men and women seek to take care of their external appearance, and show their image as beautifully as possible, although women care more about this matter, so both parties resort to improving their beauty signs in any way, and perhaps hair is one of the most important signs of beauty that guarantees its owner the appearance of a beautiful and appropriate heroine And it can be said that the matter becomes more important for women, and fears abound about the weakness of their hair, and the problems that may arise in it. The problem of baldness is the most important problem that many people want to get rid of and find a final solution to after several treatment methods appeared, such as plasma injections and others that did not work very well until the matter reached medicine for hair transplantation, especially the process of hair transplantation with DHI technique.

Not long ago, these operations were of no great benefit on the actual level, in addition to their difficulty and complexity, which made many do not believe in their success, and with the passage of time, hair beauty centers in Turkey began to develop and support their tools with the latest technologies until they reached a high degree of accuracy And success is the process of hair transplantation with the DHI technique, which has achieved an almost complete success rate.


 زراعة الشعر بتقنية DHI - زراعة الشعر في تركيا
Follicle injections with a Choi pen

What are the methods of hair transplantation?

There are many methods and techniques used in hair transplantation, and each of them has its pros and cons, but they are distinguished from each other according to the results of each method, and the most famous of these methods are:

1-Chip technology “FUT”

2-Hair transplantation using FUE technique

3-Hair transplantation with DHI technique (Choi pen) and this technique is the best technique, and it will be the focus of our discussion during this article.

What is the DHI hair transplant process?

The DHI hair transplant process is a continuation of the FUE hair transplant process, as it is also based on separating a very small slice with a specific device called a Choi pen from the donor area and implanting it directly in the receiving area, which is an abbreviation for the term “Direct hair implantation.”

That is why the hair transplantation process with DHI technology can be considered the most advanced stage in the field of aesthetic medicine, and for this reason, hair beauty centers in Turkey have begun to adopt an optimal method for this, as this process does not require the use of a surgical scalpel, which made the process of hair transplantation with DHI technology It is the perfect solution to the problem of baldness for many who have despaired of solving their problems with traditional surgeries.

 What is the difference between DHI hair transplantation and FUE hair transplantation?

Perhaps the most important differences that distinguish the DHI hair transplant process can be summarized as follows (and these points are what prompted hair beauty centers in Turkey to adopt it):

-In the process of hair transplantation with DHI technique, the doctor does not need to shave the patient’s hair completely, so this technique becomes the ideal option for those who suffer from baldness in specific areas, or with those who suffer from the problem of light hair, and this was a motivating factor for women who do not want to shave their hair fully.

-The number of transplanted follicles per cm in the DHI hair transplant process ranges from 110 to 120, while for the FUE technique, 70 follicles are obtained.

-DHI hair transplantation does not result in long-term scars, as it quickly disappears, while the scars left by FUE hair transplantation take longer to recover.

-The FUE technique needs the patient to be in good health and free from all diseases, while this is not required in the DHI hair transplant process, as it can be performed for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

-DHI hair transplantation takes a shorter time than its FUE counterpart. And all this justifies the hair beauty centers in Turkey to move to the treatment of baldness with the DHI hair transplant.

What are the advantages of DHI hair transplantation?

The advantages of the DHI hair transplant process cannot be limited, as this technique has effectively treated the problems of baldness in an unparalleled manner, and the most important of these advantages are the following:

-The DHI hair transplant process ensures that those wishing to treat baldness or thinning hair can do so without the complications of traditional hair transplant surgery.

-The DHI hair transplant operation has restored hope to those who were not able to use the two methods of hair transplantation (FUE, FUT) as a result of the lack and weakness of hair follicles in the given area and their insufficiency.

-The DHI hair transplant process allowed those who performed this operation to return to their work in the shortest period of time, avoiding the long recovery period.

-The DHI technique is distinguished from other operations by its relatively low cost if we compare it to the cost of other operations.

-The success of DHI hair transplantation does not depend on the condition of the skin, whether in the receiving area or the giving area.

-The high success rate of hair transplantation with DHI technique, as no complications or failures have been recorded so far as a result of hair transplantation techniques using them in hair beauty centers in Turkey in particular and in the world in general.

-It is possible to perform hair transplantation with DHI technique in areas other than the scalp, such as the face, eyebrows and mustaches.

What is the appropriate case for a DHI hair transplant?

The DHI hair transplant process is suitable for those who suffer from genetic baldness, as well as those who suffer from light hair as a result of its loss and cannot perform hair transplantation by violent surgical methods due to its high cost or their desire not to be busy for a long period in the recovery period, and the DHI hair transplant process is the solution Optimal for those who suffer from weak and insufficient hair in the donor area, or who have lost their hair as a result of burns or wounds, as it is not possible to perform hair transplantation by other methods, and all these tips are provided by hair beauty centers in Turkey to the patient in advance.

The importance of consultation before doing a hair transplant with DHI technique:

Before performing a DHI hair transplant, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor in order to explain the purpose of hair transplantation, what health problems the patient suffers from, and what are the options available to you.


What is the cost of DHI hair transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation is not expensive if we compare it to other surgical techniques, but it is not possible to accurately determine the cost before starting the examination by the doctor, and it is usually hair beauty centers in Turkey that provide the patient with a detailed brochure on the cost of that process and explaining how to implement it in advance.


What are the necessary procedures and preparations before doing the DHI hair transplant?

Although the surgical intervention in hair transplantation with DHI technique, there are some preparations required before the start of the operation that hair beauty centers in Turkey request from the patient, which are:

-Stop smoking for at least two weeks before the DHI hair transplant procedure.

-Drink ample amounts of water and fluids.

-Stop using medications that cause blood thinning.

-A complete blood analysis that includes the number of red and white cells and the status of each of them, as well as the number of platelets and clotting factors.

-Blood sugar analysis.

-Virus Evidence Analysis

 زراعة الشعر بتقنية DHI - زراعة الشعر في تركيا

What are the procedures of hair transplantation with DHI technique?

Doctors in hair beauty centers in Turkey perform a comprehensive examination and measure pressure to check on your health status prior to the operation, then you are admitted to the room designated for the operation, then the doctor sterilizes the donor and recipient area, and the actual steps of the operation begin, which are as follows:

1-Local anesthesia.

2-Planning the receiving area and determining the follicles that will be removed.

3-Transfer the slide from the donor area to the recipient area.

Local anesthesia during hair transplantation with DHI technique:

The patient sleeps on his back or on his stomach, then the doctor injects the anesthetic into the front and back area using xylocaine mixed with adrenaline, in order for the effect of the anesthetic to last for as long as possible.

Planning the donor area and preparing the receiving area:

The area from which the slides will be removed is planned and the slides to be removed are determined, then the doctor opens places to receive the slides in the receiving area using a very fine needle, and it is the number of slides that will be implanted.

Extraction and cultivation of follicles:

The process of extracting the slice is done during the DHI hair transplant process without the use of a surgical scalpel, so we will not need to open the skin. The doctor uses a Choi pen to remove a very small slice whose diameter does not exceed 0.5 mm, then it is implanted directly in one of the pre-prepared places in the receiving area and then the doctor extracts the other slice and transplants the hair and so on one by one until the transplantation process is completed.

The process of hair transplantation with DHI technique may take from one to 4 hours, depending on the area of ​​​​the area to be transplanted, so it is preferable to take a sedative to relax the patient during the operation period.

What is the recovery period after DHI hair transplantation?

The recovery period after the DHI hair transplant procedure does not exceed one week, as the patient can leave the center immediately after covering the scalp with gauze. In the first week, it is preferable to spray the transplanted area with cold saline and the donor area with Betadine while maintaining the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory that will be prescribed by the centers Hair beautification in Turkey for the patient.

What are the results of DHI hair transplantation?

The final results appear about a month after the operation, as the patient notices the hair growth completely naturally and the hair begins to cover the places that were suffering from baldness or lack of hair density, and the results appear excellent for those who suffer from genetic baldness or in case of baldness as a result of hormonal disorder.


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