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Obesity is one of the most common problems that a person suffers from, as it forms a psychological complex that prevents him from enjoying his life, in addition to the various diseases that this obesity brings, and weight loss operations are perhaps the fastest and most successful solution in getting rid of severe obesity and its complications, and it can be said that The most important of these operations is the gastric sleeve, gastric sleeve, or gastric balloon, which has become very popular in recent times.

Excess weight reduction operations, especially the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, have become a refuge for obese people who did not find any benefit or benefit in diets and exercise.

We said that obesity is a cause of many health problems that negatively affect human life, and perhaps the most famous of these problems are heart diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, stomach disorders, and others. Therefore, the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey or the gastric balloon in Turkey are the best solution to avoid infection with these diseases. .

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey has been a great success and has been very popular among people, because of the real results it provided, and how people benefit from it, in addition to the medical care provided by centers and hospitals, and the very satisfactory success rate for obese people, and all this contributed to providing the chances of turnout The gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is very important.

Perhaps many are worried about surgeries, and are wondering about the dangers of the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, the gastric balloon operation in Turkey, or the gastric sleeve, and what are its advantages and how it is performed, as well as its complications and cost, and this is what we will answer in our article.

عملية تكميم المعدة في تركيا

What are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

One of the most important advantages of the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey and the gastric balloon in Turkey is that it achieves very high results, as this process recovers patients quickly without experiencing any serious symptoms, and it is based on the removal of a large part of the stomach in the form of a sleeve, which gives the person A feeling of immediate satiety, and this would reduce weight and cause rapid losses in it.

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

Turkey has recently developed a remarkable development, which we can consider a renaissance at all levels, and if we want to allocate talk in the medical field, Turkey has ranked ninth in the world in terms of the number of plastic surgeons, according to the classifications of the International Association for Plastic Surgery ISAPS, which indicates that the gastric sleeve operation The stomach in Turkey is one of the best options in all countries of the world, thanks to the medical expertise and health care during and after the operation.

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey is a surgical operation in which specialized doctors remove part of the stomach and remove the hormone responsible for secreting appetite, which reduces the size of the stomach, so it changes from its oval shape to a tube-like shape similar to bananas, and the eradication rate may reach 80%.

The purpose of the eradication in the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, or what is sometimes called the gastric balloon in Turkey, is to reduce the amount of food eaten and to block the appetite, which contributes to reducing the size of the stomach.

Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey has many benefits that benefit the person, the most important of which are:

Achieving an ideal weight and a decent shape does not cause embarrassment to the person as it was previously.

Reducing the risk of many psychological diseases such as anxiety, stress, depression and lack of self-confidence due to excessive weight gain.

Avoid many organic diseases such as excess body fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

 Types of weight loss procedures

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey is characterized by that it has different types, depending on the different types of patients, their obesity and their desire to lose a certain weight, and the gastric balloon operation in Turkey is important and popular among the forms of gastric sleeve operations that branch into several forms, the most prominent of which are the following:

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey (stomach cut):

As is clear from the name, what happens during this process is cutting the entire stomach or at least cutting the upper part of it, and the purpose in both is to reduce the size of the stomach and reduce the amount of food entering it, which contributes to weight loss.

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey (bypass):

It is one of the widely used forms of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, but it is likely that it is not the best option, due to its danger, as it works to modify the course of the small intestine.

Sleeve gastrectomy (stomach stapling):

It is considered a very important type of gastric sleeve operation in Turkey because it works to shorten the available part in the stomach very dramatically, so that it becomes less by one in ten, which leads to no feeling of hunger and weight loss.

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey (gastric banding):

In this form of gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, many food entry ports are closed and parts are connected to each other so that the stomach does not feel full quickly, and the upper part of the stomach is often tied.

Gastric balloon operation in Turkey

The gastric balloon operation in Turkey is especially one of the famous operations in gastric sleeve, due to the large number of its adoption, and its implementation on patients. If you try it, all that is there is that an empty balloon will be placed in the stomach through the mouth and that balloon will take a large size that prevents the stomach from eating greedily, and this balloon can be removed after nine months or a year, for example.

. Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey (Stomach Botox):

As it happens in the face, the same thing happens in the smooth muscles of the stomach wall, where this substance causes a relaxation in the stomach, which accelerates the feeling of satiety and prolongs its period, and is a reason to reduce the amount of food, and helps in losing weight in the long run.

Gastric Botox surgery is performed laparoscopically orally, without general anesthesia. This procedure does not contain a surgical procedure as in other obesity treatment procedures, which makes this injection procedure a completely safe procedure.

The advantages of botox injections to the stomach

Gastric Botox is recommended for patients with a BMI between 28 and 40. That is, Gastric Botox is suitable for people who are overweight and mildly obese.

It is a non-surgical operation like the gastric balloon operation in Turkey, there is no need for wound dressings; Because the procedure does not include any incisions or surgical sutures.

Immediate return to activities of daily living.

The recovery process is faster and more comfortable compared to other weight loss procedures.

Before the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey

Before undergoing the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, you must sit with the specialist doctor to tell him your expectations about the results of the operation.

Refrain from taking blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin, so as not to lead to the risk of bleeding during the operation.

The doctor evaluates the patient’s physical health by undergoing some tests and analyzes to ensure his health.

The doctor evaluates the patient’s mental health, changes his thoughts and beliefs about himself, motivates him and restores his self-confidence.

You must tell the doctor if you suffer from some diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Refrain from smoking before, during and after the operation until the recovery period from the operation ends.

In case you have undergone one of the operations on the stomach or esophagus earlier, you should tell the doctor, he may suggest a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey instead of cutting.

 Steps and stages of the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey

The surgeon isolates more than half of the stomach longitudinally using a surgical stapler, and then removes it, so that the shape of the stomach becomes like a relatively thin tube, which reduces the amount of food that the stomach can absorb, and the rest of the stomach is called a sleeve, or a sleeved stomach.

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey is performed under complete anesthesia, through small incisions that are opened, up to 3 cm in length, and surgical instruments are inserted through them, with a camera equipped with strong lighting to improve vision during the operation, and the surgeon follows up the operation through an electronic screen. The abdominal cavity is inflated with inert carbon dioxide gas, and the largest part of the stomach is isolated longitudinally and excised in the manner mentioned earlier. While in the gastric balloon operation in Turkey, full anesthesia is not done.

How is gastric sleeve surgery performed in Turkey?

One of the important things that preoccupies the patient is to know how the operation to be performed is performed. As for the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey, it is carried out according to the following steps:

Anesthesia. In this operation, general anesthesia is used directly, not local anesthesia due to the sensitivity of the operation.

Making holes, where four small holes are often made in the abdominal area, and it is the holes that are used later in completing the operation procedures and inserting the clamp and the endoscope.

Insertion of forceps, where the forceps are inserted in addition to the cautery device in order to work to get rid of stomach fat and separate blood vessels and tissues, and by the way, when the fat is removed, the idea of ​​cutting the stomach becomes more accessible and easy.

Pulling the largest part of the stomach entity after cutting it, using the endoscope and a long tube, and a lot of tools and equipment that go into the operation, and the main and main goal of it is one, which is to get rid of a large part of the stomach.

Commitment to the presence of the satiety hormone as it is, as it is known about the stomach that it has inside it what is known as the satiety hormone, and the doctor’s task at this stage is to make that hormone fixed in its place and not include it in the cut part because its presence makes the patient feel full shortly after starting Eat, of course.

Finish the operation correctly, which is, of course, the last step in this important process. After the fat is cut, you will have a lot of materials inside that must be disposed of, and this happens through an endoscope hole in the stomach, after which the doctor proceeds to close the operation site correctly without That leaves scars behind.

How long does the gastric sleeve surgery take in Turkey?

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey takes about two hours. It is performed through a semi-surgical endoscopic procedure, so it requires only small incisions. Usually, gastric sleeve patients in Turkey stay in the hospital from about one to two days, while the gastric balloon operation in Turkey takes about an hour and the patient does not stay in the hospital for more than a day.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

عملية تكميم المعدة في تركيا , قص المعدة , تحويل مسار المعدة

Estimates of prices for gastric sleeve operations in Turkey in general vary depending on several factors, foremost of which are the following:

The type of technique used in the sleeve gastrectomy

The position of the doctor supervising the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey and the number of years of his experience

The level of well-being provided by the medical institution

Prices for gastric sleeve surgery within medical centers and private clinics range between 4000: 5500 US dollars, while the average prices for the same procedure within major hospitals start from 10,000 US dollars and may reach double that amount in some cases.

This disparity in prices is due to the level of luxury and the degree of health care provided by these centers, and it can also be circumvented by resorting to an alternative means of treating obesity; The average price of a gastric balloon operation in Turkey, for example, is about 3300 US dollars, but this procedure is flawed because it is limited to certain degrees of obesity.

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