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Cosmetic dentistry operations in Turkey have spread clearly in the last ten years, and the success of plastic surgery in Turkey is a broad gateway to developing cosmetic techniques and using the latest devices and methods and attaching them to the centers specialized in cosmetic dental operations in Turkey, until these centers have extensive experience in all types of cosmetic surgeries. Teeth in Turkey, especially the so-called: Hollywood Smile in Turkey.

The spread of the term (Hollywood smile) was as a result of many people’s dissatisfaction with caries treatments and dental replacements. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry operations in Turkey began to take a more developed course by paying attention to the beauty and whiteness of the teeth, and after that, Hollywood Smile spread in Turkey, a large spread relative to Hollywood celebrities. She has become a symbol of beauty in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

But some believe that getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey requires a teeth whitening process, but Hollywood smile in Turkey requires the beginning of treating all dental problems, from repairing broken teeth and treating their decay, to installing dental veneers on each tooth, which gives permanent results and an appearance naturally.

هوليود سمايل في تركيا

The cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Knowing the cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey is not determined accurately until after reviewing the procedures for the operation, which is one of the most important dental surgeries in Turkey, but this process does not contain short procedures, but rather needs several procedures that integrate with each other in order to achieve the desired goal of this A beautiful smile, such as treating fractures and cavities and restoring tooth fragility.

And for the doctor who specializes in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to determine the exact cost of a Hollywood smile, he needs to wait for the final diagnosis of the procedures for the operation, when the quality and procedures that will be ordered are revealed to the doctor. With a huge amount of differences between the cases of patients who want to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey, some may think that the prices of Hollywood smile in Turkey are very different. We do not deny that there is a disparity in that, but the disparity is not to a large extent, and the most important part in determining the cost can be known by consulting cosmetic dental centers in Turkey after examining the patient’s teeth with the initial vision.

If the patient only needs an initial examination session to take the sizes of his teeth mold and then a session to install dental veneers, the cost can range from 150 to 300 dollars per tooth, but if more than one procedure is needed before the veneers are placed, this leads to different prices Hollywood smile in Turkey depends on the number of sessions or procedures that the case will need, whether it is caries treatment, dental implants or orthodontics.

What is the purpose of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

The first purpose of Hollywood Smile in Turkey is undoubtedly cosmetic, but in addition to that, Hollywood Smile in Turkey provides treatment for some dental problems, which are as follows:

-Teeth discolored as a result of stains.

-Discoloration of the filling on the teeth.

-broken teeth

-Teeth that are misaligned or unequal to each other in size and length.

-The spaces between the teeth.

How long does the Hollywood Smile operation take in Turkey?

The duration of the Hollywood Smile operation in Turkey depends on the patient’s health and condition. It is possible to reach the required results within one session, and it is also possible that the period extends to several sessions in which the procedures are performed in succession. It is not possible to determine the exact period until after the diagnosis, which is carried out in the cosmetic dental centers in Turkey.

What are the cosmetic procedures for Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Hollywood smile procedures in Turkey can be limited to several main types, the most important of which are:

-Teeth whitening

-Dental realignment

-dental veneers

-The clear and hidden calendar

-Gum reshaping

1- Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest Hollywood Smile procedures in Turkey, because it is done faster than other procedures, as it uses chemicals to break up the stained enamel, but what alerts him is that some foods such as coffee, cigarettes and wine may lead to a change in the color of the teeth and affect their whiteness.

There are different levels of teeth whitening in cosmetic dental centers in Turkey, including internal treatments in the centers, in which the doctor puts the bleaching material and activates it using a laser, as the material remains on the patient’s teeth for about 20 minutes, and the matter is repeated to obtain better results. But some people resort to the second level of bleaching, which is home bleaching, which relies on specialized trays provided by dentists. And if this level of treatment is less expensive than in-clinic treatment, but it is more time-consuming, as the person must perform the operation for about an hour on a daily basis for a week.

2- Reconsolidation of the teeth:

It is a technique adopted by cosmetic dentistry centers in Turkey when performing Hollywood Smile in Turkey in order to reshape crooked teeth and give them a more consistent appearance. This treatment involves changing the teeth strategically in order to create a sense of straightness by changing the way light is reflected to create shadows on the teeth.


3- Dental veneers:

Dental veneers in Hollywood Smile Turkey offer an effective repair of loose, chipped or worn teeth. Veneers are a thin ceramic crust placed in the front of the damaged tooth to modify its colour, shape, size and length. However, porcelain’s superior resistance to dental pigments makes it the best choice for the Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey.


4- Clear and transparent calendar:

Cosmetic dentistry centers in Turkey usually resort to such procedures with younger patients in order to straighten uneven teeth. However, it is not only for children because many adults use clear and transparent braces in order to address problems with crooked and decayed teeth.

5- Reshaping the gums:

Sometimes the Hollywood Smile operation in Turkey resorts to bypassing the teeth in order to treat other areas of the mouth, and the most important of these areas are the gums, which play an important role in the appearance of a person’s smile. The procedures for strengthening the gums are the dental field, and they are the ones who complete the dental treatment and show them the most beautiful appearance.

There are several ways to improve the gums. Cosmetic dentistry centers in Turkey in order to enhance the smile, as the sunken smile can be more proportional by removing the excess gum tissue, a procedure known as excision of the excess gums and reshaping the remaining tissue. Additionally, the effects of gum recession can be modified by gum grafts, where tissue is removed from other areas of the mouth and used to supplement stuck areas. Furthermore, laser gum coloration is a cutting-edge procedure that can remove excess gums and improve the appearance of the gum line.


هوليود سمايل في تركيا

  • The advantages of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

    There are many advantages of the Hollywood Smile operation in Turkey, including:

    -The availability of a large number of cosmetic dental centers in Turkey that offer most types of treatments and cosmetic techniques

    -Low prices for Hollywood Smile in Turkey compared to some neighboring countries

    -Dentists have a high degree of expertise and proven proficiency

    -Dental plastic surgery centers in Turkey are keen to help their patients in providing transportation and sometimes accommodation throughout their stay in Turkey


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