How to choose a real estate broker in Turkey….An integrated guide

Characteristics of a real estate broker in Turkey (How to choose a real estate broker)

-The professional evaluation and application of the real estate consultant’s work is to adopt the principle of honesty and trust, and the real estate agent or real estate broker is the person who deals in the purchase, sale and rental of these real estate and providing advisory services in this regard.

-Experience in real estate marketing.

-Turkish language proficiency

-To have strong relationships and links with construction and real estate investment companies.

-To have the ability to analyze the real estate market to determine the best time to buy the property and the best time to sell it.

-To have the skill of persuasion.

-Should have negotiation skills.

-Quick response to clients.

-He has extensive experience with the legal transactions required to complete the purchase, sale and lease operations.

-To be aware of the latest real estate news, projects, offers, and the latest real estate laws and procedures in Turkey.

-It is better that the person who is granted the power of attorney is known, and it is more appropriate to grant the power of attorney to a lawyer or real estate consultant who is competent and known in this field.

-Number of establishments

-honesty in dealing

-keep secret



كيف تختار الوسيط العقاري في تركيا ….دليل متكامل


Professional, ethical and personal qualities of a real estate broker

-Two issues that the real estate broker must take into account while creating a real estate portfolio in the real estate market

-Finding real estate establishments according to market needs

-Finding those who need existing real estate properties and enabling the property to change.

 The five basic features that must be available in a real estate broker in Turkey

-Subject matter expertise

-Giver of information, trainer

-The ability to solve problems

-lend a hand

-A guide to the right path

 Traits of a real estate broker in Turkey (a successful real estate broker)

-someone who knows himself

-Knowing what is there

-Knowledge and love of work

-Knowing other companies

The most important information that you should know from a real estate broker in Turkey

-The data of the title deed of the property such as an island, a plot of land, a plot of land, an area, a mortgage if any.

-Characteristics of the building and its area (location, facade, etc.)

-Room, hall, cellar, toilet, balcony, etc.

-The number of rooms in the house and square meters

-Home age and percentage of care

-House utilities such as electricity, water, heating and sewage.

-Payment terms (advance, installment, swap, etc.)

-Features of the neighborhood / area in which the house is located.

كيف تختار الوسيط العقاري في تركيا ….دليل متكامل

Multiple real estate brokers in one place

-Working with one real estate agent will save you a significant amount of time.

-You can control real estate by working with one real estate agent.

-Dealing with a single real estate agent with knowledge of real estate market prices protects you from fraud.


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