The Turkish real estate market in light of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis

It is not a secret to everyone what is happening in prices in a large and unprecedented way in all aspects of life as a result of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis caused by the disruption of large parts of supply chains in various fields, including the real estate sector, but let’s take a look at the Turkish real estate market At the present time, the Turkish real estate sector has achieved a record in the first month of this year by selling more than four thousand properties, an increase of about 56% over the sales of the same month last year, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority.

الإيجارات في السوق العقاري التركي 

  • Buying and selling in the Turkish real estate market

    Foreign investments in the Turkish real estate market during 2021 recorded an increase of 65% compared to the figures for the year 2020, and the Iranians came in the first place, followed by the Iraqis, followed by the Russians, and the Turkish Statistics Authority documented more than 88,000 sales of apartments during the first month of this year, achieving an increase of 25 % compared to the same month last year, and the Russians and Germans topped the list of foreigners most buying Turkish real estate in the Turkish state of Antalya, as the city recorded in recent years record numbers of more than 12,000 purchases of foreigners.

    Rentals in the Turkish real estate market

    The Turkish Statistics Authority reported that the rate of increase in house rents for the month of February, with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, amounted to about 26%. The current situation, which led to an increase in the demand for Turkish real estate rent.

    Is the time right or is it better to wait?

    Many investors are confused that now is the right time to buy Turkish real estate, but that they should wait and wait.

    In fact, there are two prevailing beliefs among investors in the Turkish real estate sector regarding this matter:

    first belief

    A large part of investors unequivocally believes that the prices that have risen cannot go down and return to what they were, and therefore they adopt and adopt the price rule “yesterday is better than today’s price and today’s price is better than tomorrow.”

    second belief

    As for the other section, they believe that the prices of the Turkish real estate market, as they are now, are temporary and are destined to decline sooner or later. She has to come back

    It is worth noting that the Turkish real estate market is considered a very active market, and this is evident through the number of auditors in the real estate departments, which are always crowded with auditors.


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