Islamic tourism in Turkey

Turkey is the world’s number one destination for conservative tourism, with a large number of beaches, tourist islands and luxury resorts

In addition to its moderate climate in the summer, which makes it the focus of attention of Muslim tourists from different countries of the world.

These places are characterized by distinguished services and five-star hotels. This tourism (halal tourism) is compatible with Islamic legislation such as halal food, the absence of any kind of alcohol or alcoholic beverages, closed beaches and the presence of mosques

There are also private beaches for families, which are characterized by modesty, and some beaches are for women only

What gives them the opportunity to enjoy and privacy

Halal hotels in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that most sponsors the concept of halal tourism

If you are looking for a beach holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the west

Turkey should definitely be one of your first choices

There are a group of the best Islamic hotels in the world in the state of Antalya in Turkey, specifically in the resort of Alanya, and there are also “halal” hotels on the Turkish Aegean coast, such as the resorts of Marmaris

Among these hotels:

Agua Sultanahmet Hotel

Wome Deluxe Hotel

Hotel Villa Asma

Seal Beach Resort

Angel’s Marmaris . Hotel


Halal hotels for skiing:

السياحة الإسلامية في تركيا

Turkey has high mountainous terrain and excellent snow level, which makes it an ideal destination for ski lovers.

Where Turkey is known for a number of large and serviced ski resorts, the longest of these resorts is Uludag Mountain, which is only 36 kilometers from Bursa,

The skiing height of Uludag Mountain Resort ranges between 1750 and 2543 meters, and the resort features beautiful tree-lined walkways.

The resort is easily accessible by cable car (lift).

Buff Uludag Sky Resort in Bursa is the largest and first Islamic ski resort.

The town of “Palandoken” in southeastern Anatolia is also characterized by the presence of the largest ski area in Turkey.

Erciyes is famous for being a holiday destination, and its highest peaks remain covered with snow all year round.

Hotels attached to golf:

The Mediterranean resort of Belek is a golf center of a high standard in an ideal location and a charming view.

In Belek Resort, you will find the first golf hotel in Turkey, the Altis Resort & Spa, ideal for golf enthusiasts.

Restaurants in Turkey

Turkey is home to many international restaurants. For example, in Istanbul, you will find Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Egyptian and Palestinian restaurants, and many Syrian restaurants, in addition to Turkish restaurants that serve different traditional meals that are famous in the Middle East.

In general, it is rare that there are restaurants that serve pork or meat that is not slaughtered in the Islamic way

But there are many Turkish restaurants that serve alcohol or alcoholic drinks

One of the most famous halal restaurants in Turkey

Hadramout Restaurant in Al-Fateh district in Istanbul, which serves several Arabic dishes, the most famous of which is Mandi, and “Yasmak” restaurant in Aksaray – Istanbul, which serves the most delicious dishes of cooked meat, the most famous of which is the spicy “Bayram”


Islamic archaeological sites in Turkey:

There are many Islamic archaeological sites in Turkey, and they are spread in many Turkish states

Among the most prominent of these sites

The Arab Mosque in Istanbul

(Turkish: Arap Camii) It is a large mosque in the north of Istanbul, opposite old Istanbul, near the “Galata” tower. It is the only mosque in Turkey that was built in the Andalusian way. Its square minaret is similar to the minarets of the mosques of Andalusia and the Maghreb. The mosque does not have a dome. Its surface is flat and rectangular in shape. Outside the mosque, on the southeast side, is the tomb of the Umayyad military commander Muslima bin Abd al-Malik.

The Arab Mosque is the first mosque in northern Turkey

It was built when the first conquerors of the Umayyad army arrived in Constantinople in the last two years of the first AH century / 717-718 AD under the leadership of the commander Maslamah bin Abdul Malik, who conquered the city of “Galata”, and built the first mosque there, the famous mosque known as the Mosque of the Arabs, which he transformed The Byzantines converted to a church after their restoration of the “Galata” area, and it remained so until the Ottomans entered the city again, and it was restored as a mosque again.

السياحة الإسلامية في تركيا

The tomb of the Umayyad leader Muslima bin Abd al-Malik in Istanbul


Topkapi Saray Museum

It was previously a palace for the Ottoman sultans, then turned into a museum that includes many sacred Islamic monuments, such as parts of the covering of the Holy Kaaba.

Eyup Sultan Mosque

It is the first mosque built by the Ottoman army in Istanbul. The mosque includes a room believed to contain the tomb of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, may God be pleased with him.

Ulu Great Mosque in Bursa

One of the first mosques built in Bursa, and the largest and oldest

Al-Zawiya Al-Rifai’a Al-Sagheer in the province of Gaziantep, southern Turkey

The Mosque of the Companion Umm Haram on the island of Cyprus and includes her tomb


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