Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

Within the circumstances experienced by some of Turkey’s neighboring countries, many individuals were forced to leave their country and travel to Turkey as a safe country on the social and economic level alike. Turkey enjoys social security, prosperity and abundance in economic terms, especially in the last two decades. Al-Turki has expanded widely, and real estate investment in Turkey has increased, and it has become the focus of the attention of many who wish to travel from their country to other countries. But stability in Turkey opened the eyes of foreigners to obtaining Turkish citizenship in order to ensure stability and living in Turkey, as well as to enjoy the rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens.

The idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is among the best, fastest and most feasible ways. How could that not be?! It provides its owner with the possibility of obtaining a house in Turkey and the opportunity to live in a sophisticated country and a developed and civilized environment. In addition, the possibility of benefiting from real estate in Turkey by renting or investing it in the event that you do not want to live in it, and the investment is either to work in it or resell it three years after its purchase.


الحصول على الجنسية التركية عن طريق شراء عقار في تركيا


  • So, in this case, the foreigner gets an opportunity to own, invest, obtain Turkish citizenship, and benefit from the privileges of the Turkish passport, which guarantees its holder entry to 77 countries without a visa, and 26 countries with facilities, including the Schengen countries, and also achieves for its owner the possibility of benefiting from full medical rights.


    How to obtain citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

    Turkish citizenship can be obtained by buying real estate in Turkey, by purchasing a property or several properties in Turkey for an amount equal to $250,000.

    The amount was reduced from $500,000 to $250,000 in late 2018 when updates to the Turkish Citizenship Grant Law were issued. This method is one of the most popular and easiest ways to obtain citizenship now.

    But it is not enough to buy real estate in Turkey with this amount only, but this property must be kept for a period of no less than 3 years before selling it, if the property is purchased in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

    It should also be noted that the price of the property may differ from its evaluation in the Tabu Directorate; Hence the difference in evaluating the property when obtaining Turkish citizenship; Where a property can be purchased at a price of $250,000, but its appraisal at the Tabu Directorate is $200,000; Therefore, anyone who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship must differentiate between the price of the property and its evaluation; So as not to fall victim to fraud or scam. The best way is to obtain a real estate appraisal of the property to be purchased before making the purchase in order for the investor to be fully aware of, complete clarity and extensive knowledge of the details of the property.

    Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

    -A copy of the title deed of the real estate / property owned by the applicant.

    -Real estate appraisal document or real estate appraisal, but the value of the property must be at the minimum price specified for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

    -Receipts for amounts paid from the price of the property, provided that they are stamped by the bank through which the money was sent.

    -The tax number that shows the condition of the property.

    -A copy of the investor’s original passport.

    -A translated copy of the passport and certified by the Notre.

    -A non-judgmental document, extracted from Turkey to be withdrawn by e-dewlat

    -2 personal photo

    -Turkish citizenship application form, stating whether the investor is the only one who wants to obtain citizenship or the application is for him and his family (usually done by a lawyer).


    Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

    -All financial transactions for real estate purchase must be through banks, and financial transactions outside banks cannot be accepted.

    -You cannot buy a property from any foreign (non-Turkish) person.

    -The minimum allowed value is (250) thousand US dollars.

    -You cannot sell the property you purchased during the first three years of purchasing the property, and this is a prerequisite that ensures that the issue of real estate and citizenship will not be tampered with.

    -The validity period of the real estate appraisal report does not exceed one month.

    -The existence of bank notifications for the bank transfer process from the name of the buyer to the name of the seller.

    -The exact address of the property as registered with the municipality must be mentioned in addition to the deed of the reason for the transfer.

    -The mortgage must be lifted within 5 days from the date of purchase if the property is mortgaged.

    -The entire real estate purchase process must take place after the date of the real estate issuance, and not before that.

    The Turkish National Statistics Agency reported, in a report that came out a few days ago, that the percentage of real estate purchases by foreigners in the country in 2018 increased by 78.4% compared to 2017, with 93,663 properties sold.

    The Iraqis topped the list of real estate buyers, followed by the Iranians, then the Saudis, then the Russians, and the Kuwaitis, which shows the diversity of nationalities and their focus on the Middle East, especially the Arab countries.

    Some exceptions to ownership in Turkey:

    The following nationalities are not entitled to own property in Turkey:

    -Syrian Identity.

    -North Korean nationality.

    -Armenia citizenship.

    -Cuban nationality.

    Recently, Palestinians with Lebanese, Egyptian or Iraqi documents have been allowed to own real estate, provided that the document holder obtains a residence permit from the Immigration Department. The Foreign Affairs Department also announced that this feature gives Palestinians the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment.

    Additional options that help in obtaining Turkish citizenship

    There are other ways that allow its owner to obtain Turkish citizenship, and perhaps the most important of them are the following:

    -Investment by founding a company: with a value of 500,000 US dollars, provided that the amount is entered from abroad.

    -Investment by bank deposit: The minimum deposit in Turkish banks in order to obtain citizenship has become 500,000 dollars instead of 3 million dollars, provided that the deposit is made for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.

    -Investment by purchasing government bonds: The minimum purchase of government bonds with the aim of obtaining citizenship has become 500,000 US dollars instead of 3 million dollars, provided that the purchase is for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.

    -Investment by employing Turkish employees: The minimum number of Turkish employees for the purpose of obtaining citizenship has become 50 employees instead of 100 employees for a period of at least six months.

    -A wife who does not hold any of the nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey can invest in real estate with an amount of 250,000 US dollars or more, and accordingly, citizenship is granted to the husband and children under 18 years of age.


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