Plastic surgery in Turkey

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey is ranked second in Europe and seventh in the world in plastic surgery and plastic surgery, and it is a popular destination for medical tourism for millions of patients from all over the world.

If you have thought about plastic surgery in the past but have been put off due to health care risks or difficulty in traveling, or because the cost of the procedures is high, a trip to Turkey may be the perfect solution now.

There is no doubt that plastic surgery in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among patients from UK, USA, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, many countries in the Gulf region and around the world.

Where plastic surgery centers in Turkey offer the most requested cosmetic solutions such as hair transplantation, liposuction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift and also tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and facial surgery among other common surgical and non-surgical treatments. As many patients who receive plastic surgery treatments at lower costs in Turkey return to their home country with great satisfaction with the results and also after spending their vacation time enjoyable.

The reason behind this growing interest in plastic surgery procedures in Turkey can be linked to a number of factors, either the most important of which is the increase in the number of educated, talented and experienced plastic surgeons in the country, as well as the fact that these procedures are at a much lower cost than in the UK, Europe and Arab countries.

This is due to the fact that labor and operating costs in Turkey are much lower.

عمليات التجميل في تركيا اطباء التجميل في تركيا

  • Types of plastic surgery in our company

    open rhinoplasty surgery

    Facial plastic surgery

    Plasma injection plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery with liposuction

    Note: We have an integrated female staff at the highest professional level to perform all types of plastic surgery.

    What is the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey

    In our company, we try hard to search for our patients for ideal conditions, as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual’s condition.

    You can request a quote for your plastic surgery in Turkey by sending a request, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

    Advantages of plastic surgery in Turkey

    Plastic surgery in Turkey has recorded unprecedented rates of demand in the world of plastic surgery, due to the multiple advantages it provides to its clients, such as:

    Performing various surgeries using the latest and most advanced techniques

    Operations are performed by a group of trained, experienced and qualified doctors

    Providing the highest levels of health care during the postoperative period

    Remarkably lower prices for plastic surgery in Turkey compared to other countries

    Turkish cosmetic hospitals provide the highest levels of comfort and luxury while providing a large number of additional facilities and services

    Turkish medical institutions are subject to a strict control system that ensures the activation of the health safety program

    The disadvantages of plastic surgery in Turkey are limited to the difficulty of the local language, which forces visitors to use interpretation services to be able to communicate with others during their daily transactions and when performing the surgery

    We at Rakan Investment Group are happy to provide translation services, accommodation and spend a distinguished tourist time in the most luxurious hotels at the most suitable prices.

    How to reach the best plastic surgeons in Turkey

عمليات التجميل في تركيا اطباء التجميل في تركيا

You must know the importance of the research and the question, and make sure to choose the medical center in which the plastic surgery will be performed, and you must pay attention to the number of operations that the center performs per day. Some centers in Turkey perform more than 5 operations per day, and in this case the doctor cannot be present With all patients, the chances of errors increase, and not every patient gets his right to the doctor’s care and attention.

No matter how simple plastic surgery is, it is still a surgical procedure that must be dealt with accurately, so the doctor must be an expert and have years of experience and perform operations with a high success rate, during which he acquired the necessary skill to ensure the required results.

The doctor must always make sure to be present during the entire period of the operation, and the doctor must perform the operation himself. The doctor’s academic study should also be developed to know what is the doctor’s medical specialization, where he will be paid for surgical training.

You can also ask about previous plastic surgery cases and results before and after the operation, as most plastic surgery doctors keep a record that includes photos and videos of previous experiences they performed or supervised, and you can, before undertaking plastic surgery with a doctor, see first what he did From previous operations, and getting acquainted with the results achieved by patients, to be assured that he has the competence that qualifies him to cross you to safety, and reach the required results.

Getting acquainted with the modern research and techniques that are used in your operation and asking whether your doctor uses these techniques or not, as the doctor who constantly follows up the latest scientific research and techniques in the field of plastic surgery and seeks to keep pace with them and obtain the necessary training to use them, but also to develop them, is not just Doctor, is the best plastic surgery doctor.

It is worth noting that the high cost of plastic surgery is not a determining factor for whether the doctor has the necessary experience and competence, but do not expect low prices to get plastic surgery with high-quality results.

The role of the medical staff is to conduct tests before the operation. And perform the correct anesthesia before the operation. And the medical staff also must be careful to take into account all the part related to plastic surgery from the first continuous sterilization process of the instruments and the preparation of the operating rooms.

Contact us now to get your free consultation, and to know more information about plastic surgery in Turkey or the treatments you need. We promise to give you the best medical results you expect.

Travel, accommodation, transportation and food in Istanbul

عمليات التجميل في تركيا اطباء التجميل في تركيا

Istanbul is the largest Turkish city, and it is also one of the most important tourist attractions in the country, so the experience of reaching and staying in it will be very enjoyable to the max. Istanbul has two international airports, the main airport is Istanbul Ataturk Airport, and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is the airport Sub-city, and you can find budget flights back and forth to Istanbul from most major Arab cities for less than $500.

Istanbul has 5 metro lines that can be used to move almost anywhere in the city, and public buses or taxis can also be used to move within the city as well.

Istanbul has thousands of accommodations with varying levels of equipment and prices. It is possible to get very economical places that provide sleeping facilities only for prices less than 20 dollars only, and it is possible to get reasonable rooms at a price of 50 dollars, while luxury options are available for those who request them at prices up to A few hundred dollars.

Food in Istanbul does not represent any problem, there is a diversity in Turkish cuisine that makes it suitable for all tastes, and for Arab travelers will not suffer from the problem of strange food because Turkish cuisine is very close to Arab cuisine, and most restaurants and stores in Istanbul provide meat and halal foods, given that the majority of The people are Muslims. As for the cost, there is a wide variety of prices to suit all needs. For only $5, you can get a meal from one of the very popular restaurants. When you increase the price to 15, you can have a greater range of options in a mid-level restaurant, while Meals in fine restaurants can cost more than $100.


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