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Recently, the term medical tourism has been revitalized and has become widely spread, but if we searched, we would know that this term is not modern today, but rather it is ancient since Greek times. What the term medical tourism means is traveling from one country to another seeking treatment and hospitalization.

السياحة العلاجية في تركيا , العلاج في تركيا , المستشفيات التركية







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    The development of medical tourism in Turkey

    Turkey has witnessed a great development in medical tourism recently, as statistics mentioned a significant increase in the number of medical tourists globally, and Turkey in particular.

    Turkey’s distinction from other countries is due to the fact that it is rich in natural resources and natural beauty, which leads to the enthusiasm of those seeking treatment to go to Turkey with two goals at the same time… medical tourism and natural tourism; Turkey is also distinguished by the fact that it includes many nationalities, which makes it easier to communicate with patients from all over the world.


    Departments of medical tourism in Turkey

    Medical tourism in Turkey is not limited to surgical operations and medical treatment only, but rather a term that includes any physical or physical therapy… Medical tourism in Turkey can be divided into several sections, including:

    -Medical tourism: It is medical tourism in which medical treatment is sought.

    -Thermal health medical tourism: It includes visiting thermal facilities and hot springs for recovery.

    -Medical tourism for the elderly and the disabled.


    Specialties Available in Turkish Hospitals

    -Treating carcinoid tumors.


    -Hematological diseases.

    -Plastic surgery.

    -Dental treatments.

    -Laser vision correction.

    -Hair Transplant.


    Advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

    -Interpretation service for foreign patients: As we mentioned earlier, Turkey has a diversity of nationalities, and this greatly facilitates translation and communication with patients.

    -Insurance against medical errors: In Turkey, it is required that all doctors working in Turkey have professional commitment insurance… In the event of any medical error or malpractice, the patient is compensated.

    -Compliance with national and international standards: Hospitals in Turkey use high standards, advanced technological equipment, and highly skilled doctors.


    Travel requirements for medical tourism in Turkey

    Traveling to Turkey from an Arab country to Turkey is much easier than traveling from an Arab country to an Arab country, as we can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport.


    Treatment costs in Turkey

    The cost of medical tourism in Turkey may be a bit high for flight reservations, which are often high, and we have to consider the place of residence, in a hotel or in a tourist or therapeutic resort…

    Also, the type of treatment you are looking for and want to perform is the main determinant of cost.


    The best institutions for medical tourism in Turkey

    -Travel MEDI

    -Medco Health Tourism.

    -Istanbul Safe Medical Health Tourism Inc.


    Disadvantages of medical tourism in Turkey

السياحة العلاجية في تركيا , العلاج في تركيا , المستشفيات التركية












Everything must have some negatives, and there is no doubt that we have to know what are the most important negatives to take note of:

Language barriers:

Although one of the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey is the presence of many nationalities, it is easy for the patient to communicate with therapists, but the therapists and workers in tourist and therapeutic resorts are very weak in languages, especially English, in general, you need to accompany a reliable translator and obtain his number in case he needs it at times he is not there.

Medical records and documents:

Some hospitals lack extensive knowledge regarding what documents medical tourists should have, and what documents and papers are needed for medical tourism in Turkey.

Finally, Medical tourism in Turkey remains one of the most important destinations for medical tourists in the recent period due to what we have mentioned about the advantages, importance and diversity in the fields, and we, Rakan Company, offer you everything you need to research and sufficient knowledge in everything that talks about medical tourism in Turkey.


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