Turkish passport….types and features

The activity of tourism and travel in Turkey is one of the most important activities that the Turkish government is interested in. In Turkey, the tourist life meets the practical and commercial way of life, in addition to the predominance of the Islamic character on it and its respect for all lifestyles.

Tourism and travel in Turkey are the base of communication that activates tourism activity between countries, and the possibility of traveling without a visa is very encouraging for travel. Individuals wish to move to another country, either for tourism or in search of a job opportunity, or for the sake of culture and knowledge. One of the advantages of the Turkish passport is that it is strong and allows entry to many countries without a visa, which encourages people to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

جواز السفر التركي ....الأنواع و المميزات


  • Turkish passport types

    There are four different types of Turkish passport:

    1-Ordinary passport:

    2-General passport for Turkish citizens. Foreigners can obtain ordinary passports with the citizenship by investment program.

    3-Green Passport:

    4-It is for high-ranking government officers.

    5-Gray passport:

    6-It is the passport of Turkish diplomats.

    7-Black passport:

    8-It is only taken by authorized government officers working abroad.

    Advantages of the Turkish passport

    The most important features of the Turkish passport are:

    -The Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of 30 days.

    -Entry to 77 countries without a visa, in addition to easier entry to 26 countries of the Schengen area.

    -No period required for minimum stay required.

    -The passport ranks among the top 30 passports in the world.

    Contains all medical rights.

    -Owners get to benefit from retirement programs as a Turkish citizen, and this is one of the most important advantages of the Turkish passport.

    -Provides free tuition and payment plans for the university.

    -It gives voting rights for all types of elections.

    -Tourism and travel in Turkey internally and externally.

    -Dual citizenship is allowed for those holding Turkish passport, as they can also have dual citizenship.

    -The Turkish passport has a validity of 10 years when you take it for the first time and is renewable for life the second time.

    What is the reason for choosing a Turkish passport instead of others?

    Experts and specialists believe that the reason why investors choose the Turkish state is to invest in it and obtain Turkish citizenship through it, which opens the way for them to obtain one of the most important passports in the world.

    The reason for choosing a Turkish passport is due to a combination of the following factors:

    1-The renaissance, which specialists said is unprecedented in Turkey, in the establishment of huge investment projects, such as infrastructure projects that attract investors and large capitalists to Turkey.

    2-Turkey’s distinguished geographical location among the countries of the world, as it is a link between the Asian and European continents, and it has very important land, sea and air trade crossings between the East and the West, and this stimulates tourism and travel in Turkey.

    3-Facilitating services for citizens by creating secure websites on the Internet, and opening communication windows to facilitate access to services for all citizens.

    4-Developing many industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors that support real estate investments in Turkey.

    5-Stimulating the export of products manufactured by the Turkish state to the rest of the world and transforming Turkey from an importing country to an exporting country.

    6-Continuing to build huge investment projects that greatly benefit Turkey and its economy. Some of these projects have been completed, such as the Istanbul International Airport project, and some are still under construction, such as the Istanbul Canal project and the new metro lines.

    7-Strengthening and developing the Turkish state electronic transactions to serve the interests of both the citizen and the investor, which will include many fields and sectors operating in state institutions.

    8-Protecting the Turkish economy by developing new strategic plans to maintain the country’s financial stability.

    9-The presence of the city of Istanbul, which links the present and the past, combines all civilizations, and attracts tourists from all over the world, which makes tourism and travel in Turkey an important factor in strengthening the country’s economy. This city also includes the largest vital projects in Europe and the world, and is now one of the largest industrial, commercial and tourist cities in the world.

    10-The spread of education in Arabic or English in many Turkish schools and universities makes choosing a Turkish passport an interesting matter and rids you of the Turkish language barrier in education.


عقارات تركيا

How do you get a Turkish passport?

There are many ways to obtain a Turkish passport; But the popular way at the moment is to obtain citizenship by buying real estate according to the new law in Turkey, which provides for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate worth 250.000 USD.

Investing in a Turkish bank with a deposit of 500,000 USD is also a way to obtain a Turkish passport within 60 days and it is delivered directly to you. And the investor’s careful selection of the real estate company through which he buys the property is what guarantees him the smooth and accurate progress of matters and papers, and he is confident that he will not be exposed to fraud or real estate fraud.


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