Project Description

Villa project in a unique location in Istanbul on the Asian side in the Beykoz district

 The project features wonderful views of the forests and a bold view of the Black Sea.

Far from the city noise and within the center of Istanbul.

Villa project

 The total area of ​​the project: 1.157.000m²

 The project contains:

  8 hills

 A- B – C – D – E – F – G – H.

 The total number of villas: 1400 villas

Divided into three stages

– Phase one: 509 villas

 Delivery date for the first phase: 20/12/2021

The second phase: 199 villas

 Delivery date for the second phase: 06/15/2023

(4+1 / 4+2 5+1 / 5+2)

The third phase: 692 villas

Delivery date for the third phase: 20/12/2025

The third phase has not yet begun construction

 All social facilities will be ready with the first phase in

  Each villa will consist of two or three floors

 Villa type:

  3 + 1 = 192m²

  4 + 1 = 265m²

  5 + 1 = 440m²

  4 + 2 = 323m²

  5 + 2 = 495m²


 Private garden space varies according to the villa

 Social services and facilities for the project:

70% of the project area is green space


– golf course

 – Private wild garden and 207,000m² forest

 – 14.000m² shopping center

 – Social facilities area 14.000m²

 (5 swimming pools, gym, spa area, etc.)

 – Sports fields (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, etc.)

 Archery and horse riding areas

 – Garden area 72.000m²

 – Private School 20.000m²

 – Public School (8000m²)

 – Clinic (Acibadem) 2000m

 – Children’s garden 4.000m²

 – Blue Lagoon (private swimming pool) 4.000m²

 – Lake 25,000m²

 – A modern mosque on a pond

 – Helicopter station

 – Agricultural area 15.000m²

 – Private parking for each villa

 And much more to get a luxurious and quiet lifestyle within our project.

Features a project site

 The project Location:

   1_ Close to the Black Sea, a distance of 7 minutes

   2_ The third bridge 5 km

   3_ city center 30 km

   4_ The second bridge 19 km

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