Project Description

Location: Located in HABIBLER/SULTANGAZI  area is one of the ancient municipalities and a link between the heart and edges? of the city

Where the project is far away.

✈11k.m about Istanbul’s new airport

And 6 k.m about The Mall of Istanbul?

And 5.5 k.m about the Venice? Mall

And 4 k.m about the new Bashakşehir hospital, the largest in Europe ??.

And 3 k.m about Ibn Khaldun ? University

And 4 k.m about başakşehir millet bahçesi? garden

It is 600 m from the airport? metro station.

And 3 k.m about the  T4 ? tramvay line

And 18 k.m a 25-minute drive from The Mohammed al-Fatih? Bridge

?10 k.m about the new Istanbul channel

In addition to 1 k.m off the highway connecting istanbul’s three highways E80 and E5 and north of Marmara?

Project features:

The project covers an area of 2,500 square? meters

It has a green area of 1500 square ? meters.

It consists of two ?blocks A. B?

 Each block consists of 12 floors and on each floor four apartments

Services available within the project :

24-hour?? guard and surveillance service

It’s got a basketball court. ?

It has a garden equipped with toys for children? ♂? ♀

And parking for the project ?

And places to sit in green ? spaces

And spacious shops on the ground floor.?

It has two elevators? per block plus  2  drawers per block.

Apartment styles within the project: 2+1/3+1 / shops

Features of the area in general: Sultan Ghazi area is a strategic residential area characterized by the availability of services of all forms and contains a strong transport network connecting it to the parts of the whole city in addition to its rich facilities of schools, universities, hospitals and huge commercial malls

The project in block A and B  divisions is about to be completed and will be delivered in 3 months or less.

Tabu is ready and suitable for Turkish citizenship

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