Your property is our trust and we will preserve it

In our company, we offer you many real estate property management services, the most important of which are:

Translation of the sales contract, accurate legal translation of official contracts

 Attestation of contracts through a notary public, which is a routine procedure we provide for you to be preserved in the state and guarantee your right in the long run


 We help you in completing all legal and official procedures and extracting official and legal papers such as receiving the title deed, contracts, etc. We guarantee your protection from any fraud methods, fraud or forgery attempts, as we provide you with the services you need with the highest quality and in the least time


 Assistance in the procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship in the event that the property price has reached the conditional value of citizenship.

– Carry out periodic repairs and maintenance of the property and ensure its cleanliness and the absence of any technical problems in it.

Monthly payment of all bills and dues on the property.

– Securing and protecting the property in case of travel and presence outside Turkey.

Investment lease (letting the client’s property for an agreed period)


And with these many services, you should know for sure that we are with you step by step until you achieve complete satisfaction, adapt and coexist with the new lifestyle you decided to live in.

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