Eye surgery and vision correction

Turkey’s major medical progress in eye surgeries and vision correction.

It is with pride to say that Turkey ranks first in the world in terms of the most successful rates in the world in eye surgery and vision correction.

Thanks to the quality of hospitals and specialized medical centers, and thanks to the skill and knowledge of its surgeons, as well as due to the continuous development and use of the latest therapeutic techniques in surgery and vision correction, as discussed in higher detail and in the rest of the related surgeries above as well, Turkey has become a destination for all citizens of different countries of the world with regard to medical and tourist visits to operations Vision correction and various eye surgeries in general.

The success rate of eye surgeries in Turkey has reached 95%, which is the highest rate ever in Europe and globally.

It is estimated that more than 40 thousand eye operations are performed annually in Turkey.

UK nationals lead the way for eye surgeries coming to Turkey, followed by Germany, and then the Arab region and the Middle East.

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The health of the eye and the visual system is essential in the general health of the body, as the eye is not only important and vital to the body in vision and ability to move only, but this importance is also due to another necessary matter that the eye is the first entrance to the central nervous system and the brain directly.

The care, attention and treatment of the visual system is not only concerned with the eye itself, but it is also concerned with the possibilities of diagnosing diseases of an impactful nature that are greater than just being infected with the eye, such as diseases caused by coronaviruses, and most of them refer to clear signs in the eye by turning its color red and more than that, it is the first line of defense for the brain The dominant human dominating all bodily and nervous functions.

Recently, there has been clear and significant progress regarding strabismus correction operations, retinal and cataract treatment, or what is known among the general public with cataracts. Turkey is famous for the great progress in eye surgeries in particular and the increase in indicators of effective medical tourism in general.

Introduction to plastic surgery

While Turkey receives thousands of patients who want to perform these operations, and from the available statistics, we find that this number is increasing annually


Overlapping eyes (strabismus)

Often crossed eyes can be corrected with corrective lenses, eye bonding, rarely surgery, or other methods.

It is important to seek treatment immediately to reduce the risk of vision loss.

After treatment, watch for changes in your eyes and your sense of vision.

In some cases, the condition may return to the way it was before.

If your crossed eyes are caused by another underlying medical condition, early diagnosis and treatment may improve your chances of recovery.

Our surgeons at Our companyare highly experienced and skilled in treating strabismus, as evidenced by the high recovery rates of operations performed in our hospitals and specialized centers.

retinal detachment treatment

Retinal detachment is identified during an eye examination.

In this case, the retina flakes and tears — the light-sensitive layer of nerve tissue at the back of the eye, where it is far from the underlying supportive tissue, and so the affected portion of the retina is cut off from its blood and oxygen supply.

Without treatment, you may experience irreversible vision loss.

Retinal detachment is an urgent medical condition that requires immediate treatment.

The condition usually affects only one eye.

A healthy retina is essential for vision. Neurons in the retina detect light as it enters the eye and send signals to the brain that indicate what the eye sees.

If the retina detaches, it can become so damaged that it can no longer function properly.

The outcome can range from blurred vision to significant vision loss.

Early treatment helps preserve your vision and fully recover from a retinal detachment.

Cataract or white water

A cataract is a cloudy or cloudy formation in the lens of the eye that is usually clear.

For people with cataracts, seeing through cloudy lenses is a bit like looking through a cold or foggy window.

Cloudy vision caused by cataracts can make it more difficult to read, drive a car (especially at night), or see the expression on a friend’s face.

Most cataracts develop slowly and do not disturb your vision early on.

Over time, your cataracts will eventually affect your vision and usual activities, ultimately leading you to opt for surgery.

Fortunately, cataract surgery is generally a safe and effective procedure.

Other treatment options offered by Our company

Cataract or cataract treatment.

Smart lens implants.

Smile Lasik surgery.

Smile Relax process.

Correction of vision through the process of Smile Relax.

Retinal treatments.

What is the cost of eye surgery and vision correction in Turkey and Our company

At Our company, we try hard to find ideal conditions for our patients, as well as high quality hospitals and medical centers at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual’s situation.

You can request your custom quotation by submitting a request, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

About the integrative services we provide here in our company

* Our services are not limited to providing the appropriate treatment, but also go beyond it to provide a free specialized consultation for each case and arrange the best appropriate appointments for patients from the reception at the airport and the presence of an interpreter throughout the treatment period. We do not forget the appropriate hotel reservation for all tastes with their family members.

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