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Organ transplantation is not a recent topic in the medical field, but it is as old as human existence. The ancient Egyptians used dental implants and the Romans took it from them, but what is always modern about such topics is the successive modern developments and applications every day with regard to this field specifically, which Evolving day by day.

In the Battle of Badr during the time of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, Qatada bin al-Nu’man was injured, and his pupil fell out, so he took it in his hand to the Messenger of God. Islam with human safety and health, and perhaps what happened with Qatada inspired those who realized that this is a prophetic method for treatment and healing in such cases, and because it does not speak of air, it is certainly a revelation from God to humans at the hand of His Messenger in treatment and medicine.

Organ transplantation developed in the so-called self-transplantation in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, and the Indians were famous for skin grafting operations.

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Turkey offers multiple organ transplant programs, such as kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, corneal transplantation, and others. There are registered kidney transplant centers in 59 hospitals, liver transplant centers in 34 hospitals, and heart and lung transplant centers in 16 hospitals.

The ethical and humanitarian debate about organ transplantation.

The process of organ transplantation is subject to legal, legal, ethical and humanitarian controls to allow its transfer, and for this reason researchers and doctors still do not spare any effort to save humanity, despite the fact that the file of human organ transplantation still raises a lot of controversy and debate among scholars of jurisprudence, medicine and law about its legality.

From this great controversial standpoint and because of the importance of this topic, the unified Arab law on human organ transplantation was prepared.

In a related context, the World Health Organization presented its report on human organs that may be donated according to humanitarian and ethical foundations.

In sum, the process of donating human organs is permissible in our tolerant Sharia within its clear and specific controls, and the basic and main premise of this work, God willing, is to save a human life threatened with death due to organic failure.


What are the conditions that the donor must meet

The donor must be more than eighteen years old and not more than fifty years old.

The donor’s weight must be appropriate, with height commensurate with weight.

That the donor does not suffer from any chronic diseases.

The donor must be an adult, consenting in his handwriting, and not a beneficiary of the donation in any capacity.

The donor’s blood type must be compatible and identical to the blood type of the person for whom the transplant will be performed.

Organ transplantation in Turkey

The success rate of the donation process is more than 99%, and the donation is considered as granting a new life, God willing, to the donor. Islam also magnifies the reward for this work, and it is an ongoing charity for the donor without any harm to him, God willing.

Our company, through its accredited partners in Turkey and around the world, is one of the leading medical institutions in health care, especially in the field of organ transplantation, and offers the best medical suggestions at affordable prices.

Our company is also proud, through its accredited partners in Turkey, that it is the leading provider of organ transplant surgeries in Europe, the Middle East and other chronic conditions, offering advanced organ transplantation programs, using the latest advanced and specialized technology in this field.

The different transplant operations offered by Our company

Kidney and liver transplantation.

Bone marrow transplant.

Corneal transplantation.

Pancreas transplant.

Cochlear implantation.

To you, dear donor and dear willing to cultivate.

Dear donor, be assured that the medical team at Our company will do everything they can to make this medical procedure a success, led by professional and world-class medical cadres.

Our certified partners transplant more than 800 human organs annually, with a very high success rate.

We at our company  promise to provide you with a distinguished and safe service.

Our integrative services

Our services are not limited to providing the appropriate treatment, but also to provide free specialized advice for each case.

Arranging the most suitable appointments for patients from the reception at the airport and the presence of an interpreter throughout the treatment period.

Also, do not forget to book the appropriate hotel for all tastes with family members.

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