Orthopedics and prosthetics

If you are seeking treatment for a sports injury, accident injury, aging or spinal deformity.

If you need a prosthetic limb that is proportional to your health condition and of high quality.

Our company offers you comprehensive care on both the surgical and conservative levels. We offer our patients from all over the world a wide range of different treatments available to us in Turkey and around the world for orthopedics and prosthetics.

Our certified partners perform more than 2,800 surgical procedures a year (including knee, hip and ankle replacements) and we also offer the latest technology for ligament repair, arthroplasty, spine surgery, as well as arthroscopic surgery for the foot, knee and ankle joints.

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The different types of surgeries offered by our company in orthopedics and prosthetics.

Rheumatology, joints and medical procedures

Hand and upper extremity surgery

robotic surgery

Sports injuries

Plastic surgery for bony deformities and dorsal discs

Knee joint replacement

Hip replacement

Surgery and replacement of prosthetics

About the great progress of orthopedics and prosthetics in Turkey

Orthopedic surgery and prosthetics is one of the treatments and techniques that are growing dramatically in Turkey, where they achieve high rates little by little in Turkey, as well as those who want it there.

Turkey has many different treatment options in this regard, and this diversity does not exist much on the global level.

The Turkish surgeons, as well as the Europeans who cooperate with the competent Turkish hospitals and bodies, have a lot of experience, know-how and tireless knowledge of all the details of the specialty, whether European or Turkish surgeons are both at a high level of skill.

As is the case with all other medical specialties in Turkey, the specialized medical centers enter into joint cooperation protocols with leading universities and institutes to exchange experiences and refine knowledge, and to be in the near future the world leader in these surgeries.

Turkey receives millions of tourists wishing for treatment, and from the available statistics, we find that this number is increasing annually.

Turkey ranks sixth in the world in this treatment field.

General features of the main treatment plan in our company:

Medical advice to prevent injuries:

A life full of different activities is not without some physical injuries. Doctors here are ready to give you tips and instructions to practice your exercises correctly and avoid injuries, God willing.

Correct diagnosis and treatment of injuries:

In the event of an injury, God forbid, our team of doctors will work on the correct diagnosis and provide the best treatment using the latest technology in this field, to provide you with the best medical care you deserve, God willing.

Pain management:

The importance of managing and managing pain promptly during and after treatment is to reduce discomfort for patients and allow physical therapy to begin as soon as possible.

We have a medical team specialized in this field to give you a program that is appropriate for your condition and with multiple options of modern treatment or alternative treatment.

Recovery period:

Each patient we have is treated according to his special case, as all hospital departments work together to provide the most appropriate and best treatment, whether in conservative and surgical treatment or in long-term treatment such as rehabilitation, to restore normal vital functions.


Cost of orthopedic surgery and prosthetics in Turkey and Our company

At Our company, we try hard to find ideal conditions for our patients as well as high-quality hospitals and medical centers at the best prices in Turkey, where the costs change according to the individual’s condition.

You can request your custom quotation by submitting a request, and we will respond to you as soon as possible

About the integrative services that we provide here in our company

Our services are not limited to providing the appropriate treatment, but also go beyond it to provide a free specialized consultation for each case and arrange the best appropriate appointments for patients from the reception at the airport and the presence of an interpreter throughout the treatment period. We do not forget the appropriate hotel reservation for all tastes with their family members.

* Finally, contact us, we will be your best choice, God willing

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