Turkey ranks 20th in the world in terms of GDP, which makes it one of the most powerful countries in the world economically, and therefore a target for investors from all over the world, as investing to obtain Turkish citizenship is definitely a successful investment, because of what you will get from The advantages of Turkish citizenship, which is considered one of the most sought-after nationalities around the world, especially after reducing the minimum investment for Turkish citizenship to almost a quarter and making a set of facilities for foreign investors.

As an investor, you can benefit from the following advantages of Turkish citizenship:

1- One of the most wanted nationalities around the world.

2- One of the most powerful countries in the world, economically and politically, and consequently a high standard of living.

3- The Turkish passport is ranked 36th in the ranking of passports around the world.

4- Get a solid investment with regular income.

5- Obtaining Turkish citizenship after fulfilling the necessary conditions takes only 4-6 months

6- There is no minimum residency requirement, as you can apply for citizenship once you purchase and document the property.

7- You can apply for citizenship for you, your wife and your children at the same time without having to wait several years after obtaining citizenship, as in other cases.

8- Ease of owning real estate after obtaining Turkish citizenship, thus eliminating complex procedures.

9- Benefit from the health insurance service, which guarantees you and your family free treatment in government hospitals, and access to discounts in private hospitals.

10- Take advantage of free educational services for all members of your family.

11- You do not have to declare your wealth.

12- Free financing system.

13- Turkey allows dual citizenship, meaning that you do not need to dispense with your original citizenship.

14- Military service is not required.

15- Working in any job freely without the need for a work permit.

16- Obtaining a retirement pension.

17- Invite any of your family members to visit Turkey.

18- You can enjoy all your rights as a Turkish citizen, including voting in any of the elections taking place in Turkey.

19- Living in a geographical area that has one of the best climates in the world.

20- A secure democratic environment that respects all religions.

21- Obtaining the turquoise card, which is granted by the Turkish government to people who acquire another citizenship on the condition that they renounce their citizenship, thus facilitating entry and exit to and from Turkey.

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